Health, Safety & Environment

At ACT, we identify, eliminate and mitigate risks involved in our daily work activities to better ensure no person, operation or environment is compromised. To achieve our own and our clients’ HSE objectives, ACT has invested in proactive measures to ensure a safe work place, whether in the field or at our facilities, including:
  • Minimizing risk through systematic management strategies
  • Engaging every employee to be HSE champions
  • Continuous improvement of management strategies with the participation of employees
  • Conducting comprehensive annual reviews and setting goals for achieving incident free operations

Management System

ACT’s Health Safety and Environment (HSE) Management System is a company-wide system that drives continuous improvement throughout our HSE processes to better ensure consistent operations across North America.

Our HSE Management System is comprised of five operational elements, Policies and Procedures, Planning and Organizing, Resources and Training, Corrective Actions, and Management Review, that detail and outline standards for controlling hazards, processes, work methods, and risk in our operations.

Our system is an unbreakable cycle that is reflective of Cathedral’s operations and project management strategy, Plan-Do-Review-Improve. Our Plan-Do-Review-Improve cycle enables us to work smart, work with a purpose and continuously improve.

HSE Management System


Our Guiding Principles support our vision, embody our culture and reflect what we value. They are our core beliefs that govern the way we work together and with our customers. All team members adhere to these values as they are core to our success as an organization.
About our Guiding Principles
Work Smart™ Live Well

Work Smart™
Live Well

Cathedral’s Guiding Principles support our vision, embody our culture and reflect what we value. Excellence, Honesty & Integrity, Teamwork, Work Smart Live Well, and Creating Value is core to our success as individuals and as an organization. Our Work Smart Live Well principle is further reflected through our dedicated Work Smart Live Well vision.
Our Work Smart Live Well philosophy is simple: we recognize and manage risks to live well every day.

We recognize the importance of making smart decisions so no operation is compromised. Work Smart Live Well transforms our traditional methods and approaches to safety, into a risk-oriented (identify – eliminate – mitigate) way of thinking – a dynamic, continuous process that benefits us all.

Work Smart Live Well is a reminder to all employees of the personal commitment we make to safety and quality at Cathedral. By understanding and managing the risks involved with our daily work activities, we prevent injuries, protect our environment, enhance our value to our customers and ensure the well-being of ourselves, our coworkers, and the communities where we live and work. Our company-wide pursuit to Work Smart and Live Well leads us to be a high-performance company and helps us get home safely every day to what matters most.

We are committed to upholding the highest health, safety and environmental standards and practices. Preventing injuries and damage to the environment, equipment or property is a cornerstone of ACT's operating philosophy. We are guided by our Work Smart Live Well vision - a reminder to all employees of the personal commitment we make to HSE and service quality.